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  • Blazing Bayou Triptych, by Jane Brennan At the Shore, by Jane Brennan

    About the Artist

    Tile Diptych, by Jane Brennan

    My method of working has always been intuitive. Although I work primarily in watercolor, I also do charcoal drawings as well as working in various other mediums, including paper and fiber arts.

    While watercolor is closest to my heart I try to stay versatile by working in as many mediums as possible, I find each one lends itself to the enhancement of the others.

    Ponds and Gardens, by Jane Brennan

    I paint in both loose impressionistic, as well as controlled realistic styles, expectant that this diversity will keep my work fresh by allowing me to choose the style that best complements my current subject matter and medium.

    I endeavor to impart this same element of experimentation and enthusiasm to my students. I believe this passion can lead to amazing works of art and exceptional artists.

    For over 30 years my studio; nestled in a high valley near the Appalachian Trail in the Kittatinny mountains of rural NJ, was a major source of much of my inspiration. I recently relocated my private and teaching studios to Milford, PA and the Skylands Gallery & Studio, in Wantage, NJ and look forward to the camaraderie, inspiration and collective energy of fellow artists.

    I will be offering classes from my studio for ages ranging from Teens to Octo+teens where appropriate.

    Daisies by the Dozen, by Jane Brennan Erica, by Jane Brennan Irises, by Jane Brennan

    I started my college education at Sussex County College, and later returning for many years, taught varied Art and Design courses as an Adjunct Professor. Aside from my college training I have taken a number of workshops with Mel Stabin, and done a great deal of en Plein Air painting and teaching; which I always find not only inspiring but a powerful learning experience.

    I love to tesch, I find the more I instruct others, the more I learn. I am always trying to push my limits and keep not only my art interesting, but the process as well. "Enjoy the process."